Who are Windhager?

For more than 85 years the name Windhager has been inseparably linked and synonymous with boiler technology of the highest quality ‘Made in Austria’. What started as a small metalworking shop in 1921 is now one of the biggest and most important companies in the industry and one of the leading manufacturers of biomass central heating systems in Europe.

In recent years Windhager has above all established a reputation as a specialist for pellet fired heating systems.

In-house research and development, highly qualified employees and the state of the art technology used at the production sites at the company headquarters in Seekirchen near Salzburg in Austria guarantee first class quality.


From our headquarters in Marshfield, South Gloucestershire, Windhager UK provides full technical design, customer service support and distribution of the complete Windhager range of products in the UK. Our offices include a fully functional engineer training facility and customer showroom.

Appliances are supplied direct from our distribution facility to customers throughout the UK.

In our continuing drive to improve awareness of Biomass wood pellet, log gasification and solar thermal appliances we are partnered by a network of highly skilled and qualified Windhager approved installers across the UK who complete a full training programme in the UK and Windhager headquarters in Austria.

Wood pellet boilers are the fully automated, environmentally friendly solution that satisfies the rigorous demands of today’s lifestyle.

Safe Convenient Heating Solutions

Within a very short time, heating with pellets has become established as a popular and widely used way of supplying heat. This is no wonder, because pellet heating systems are not only environmentally friendly, they also offer the highest levels of heating comfort with the latest technology. Windhager is once again showing how convenient, efficient and environmentally friendly heating with pellets can be.

BioWIN 2 – Highly Efficient Compact Pellet Boiler

The BioWIN 2 range are the smallest, highly efficient and durable biomass pellet boilers on the market and provides comfortable heating to all homes.

Requiring less than 1.5 metres of space, with minimum clearance included, the BioWIN 2 is the only pellet boiler that can fit into small, restricted areas and be installed flush to the wall requiring no service clearances to the rear, left or right of the appliance.

This state-of-the-art and extremely innovative pellet boiler provides homeowners with long- term, hassle-free and optimum efficiency levels of operation.

Fully equipped with a high quality stainless steel burner, LowDust technology and unique self- cleaning function, the BioWIN 2 ensures a cleaner environment, a cleaner burn and low maintenance required.

BioWIN 2

  • Minimal space requirements Long maintenance intervals
  • Robust stainless steel burner with LowDust technology
  • Self-cleaning function & removable ash box
  • Available in five models
  • Four outputs for manual and auto feed Efficiency – 94.4%

BioWIN Excel

BioWIN Excel a high output, high efficiency wood pellet boiler with a small footprint.

The compact design of the BioWIN Excel means it can be installed in the smallest boiler rooms. Once in operation the BioWIN Excel is fully automated so that you can “Switch on and forget”.

BioWIN Excel

  • Fully automated wood pellet feed system, heat exchanger cleaning and integrated ash container
  • Stainless steel combustion burner bowl with patented cleaning mechanism
  • Unique development from many years of Windhager experience in the development and manufacturing of wood pellet boilers
  • Ideal for properties with high heat demands and commercial applications

BioWIN Kaskade

BioWIN Kaskade is the first choice for a wood pellet boiler system where a large and varying output is required.

BioWIN Kaskade


  • Duty / assist and duty / standby modes of operation, heating available during servicing and maintenance
  • Boiler output and demand controlled via the Windhager Kaskade operating system
  • Wide modulating output range to consistently provide maximum efficiencies
  • The pellet boiler solution for schools, hotels, commercial properties and district heating systems


With its contemporary design the FireWIN wood pellet boiler is an attractive feature providing full automation for heating and hot water.

FireWIN available in 3 colours

Available in 3 stylish colours

  • Wood pellet boiler and stove in a single unit
  • Fully automated pellet feeding from a bulk store or hand feed options
  • Patented heat shield to reduce radiated heat in the summer months
  • Available as a system boiler with all hydraulic and safety components integral to the appliance


Wood Pellet Hoppers

The correct storage of wood pellets is essential to ensure the effective running of a Windhager wood pellet boiler.

Steel Hoppers With over 20 different physical sizes and capacities the sheet steel hoppers offer a solution to suit all site requirements. The simple steel sectional construction allows the steel hopper to be built and filled in a single day.
Fabric Hoppers Available in 3 physical sizes and capacities the fabric hopper is adjustable in height to maximise fuel storage.
BioTOP A plastic ‘all weather’ hopper with a capacity of up to 1.7 tonnes, the BioTOP is ideal for heating systems with smaller fuel demands.
Bespoke Hopper If a dry environment is available then a bespoke hopper can be built in situ – Windhager are able to provide design and guidance as required.


– See more at: http://www.windhager.co.uk




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