Alzheimer’s Society Memory Walk

Memory Walk sees thousands of people raising money for a world without dementia across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

People of all ages and abilities join in, from grandparents to grandchildren, and even furry four-legged friends. We all walk together to celebrate loved ones affected by dementia, and raise money to reclaim the future.

A member of the GroFuel team, Annabelle, is taking part in the Memory Walk at Cannock Chase on Sunday 4th September.

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common type of dementia, affecting an estimated 850,000 people in the UK.


Dementia is a progressive neurological disease which affects multiple brain functions, including memory.

The exact cause of Alzheimer’s disease is unknown, although a number of things are thought to increase your risk of developing the condition.

Annabelle hopes to raise £100 for the Alzheimer’s Society. With this money, the Alzheimer’s Society can fund ten ‘Singing for the Brain’ sessions for a person suffering with dementia.

Singing for the Brain is a service provided by Alzheimer’s Society which uses singing to bring people together in a friendly and stimulating social environment.

Singing is not only an enjoyable activity, it can also provide a way for people with dementia, along with their carers, to express themselves and socialise with others in a fun and supportive group.

Hidden in the fun are activities which build on the well-known preserved memory for song and music in the brain. Even when many memories are hard to retrieve, music is especially easy to recall.

A word from Annabelle..

“When I think about someone I love developing Alzheimer’s or Dementia, it chills me to my bones. I can’t imagine what it’s like watching someone you love slowly slip away, watching their personality fade until they aren’t the same person anymore. Its even scarier if you think of it happening to you. This is why I am talking part in this walk. Together we can help someone save the last traces of the person they love. Please, donate what you can and leave the rest to me.”

Please support this worthy cause and help Annabelle to beat her target.

Click here to donate

Thank you.


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