Who are Eva Calòr?

Natural Heat

The company Eva Stampaggi, with brand Eva Calòr, produces a complete range of heat generation systems on its own premises. Line production, using numerically-controlled machinery, is overseen by highly experienced staff. This guarantees excellent and certified quality, resulting in stoves which are extremely reliable and noiseless. Eva Calòr produces stoves to order, modifying features and finishes to suit the tastes and requirements of clients. Eva Calòr offers clients quality, flexibility and competitiveness: three increasingly important criteria in a constantly changing market.


The Advantages of Pellets

A pellet heating system is an intelligent choice for a number of reasons.
Compared to other fuels, pellets are inexpensive, are consumed slowly, and have high heat output.
They are clean and produce no dust or other waste because they are compacted and sold in impervious clean packaging.
When they burn they leave very little residue, allowing the heating system to operate at maximum efficiency and eliminating the need for continual removal of ash from the combustion chamber.
But above all, pellets are ecological.
They are made primarily from natural waste produced during woodworking. They contain no chemicals, and are a renewable source of energy whose use helps to limit exploitation of the forests, since they are made mainly from sawdust and woodchips. Pellets are therefore considered a biomass fuel, with double the energy density of wood and producing low CO2 and NOX emissions.


Safe Heat

Severe testing and quality control carried out by the most authoritative international certification boards together with the quality control carried out by a team of specialists within the company are fundamental in the manufacturing process of Eva Calòr stoves. Extreme testing and quality control, and inspection of mechanic and electric components for a top-notch product in terms of safety, quality and performance.

In achieving maximum safety standards in all Eva Calòr stoves, a particular thermostat has been installed in order to guarantee greater reliability. A “manually recharged” mechanic system guarantees that the machine will automatically stop in case extreme temperatures have been exceeded.

As an electronic accessory there is a remote control, which is provided as an optional item.



All our products have been rigorously tested by the certification body IMQ Primacontrol, and meet the following standards:

  • CE
    European conformity mark

  • EN 14785
    Pellet stove regulations

  • EN 13240
    Wood stove regulations

  • EN 12815
    Wood heating stove and cooker regulations

  • EN 303.5
    Boiler regulations

  • BIMSchV
    German anti-pollution regulations

  • 15a B-VG
    Austrian regulations
  • VKF
    Swiss fi re safety body

  • LRV
    Swiss regulations




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