Who are NB & Partners?

NB & Partners – Wood Division

NB & Partners was founded in 2010. The original goal of NB & Partners was to specialise in the supply of tires for mass distribution which was an immediate success. For years NB & Partners collaborated with some of the largest and most important retail chains to ensure they were providing the best possible service. NB & Partners were able to directly deliver large orders of tires using cutting-edge tools that enable good consumer interaction within the stores.


In 2015, the NB & Partners opened its Wood Division. The Wood Division is the result of years of training and research by NB to acquire all the necessary knowledge about pellets and pellet stoves. All of this hard work along with the selection of a completely new team of employees that have experience in installing and manufacturing wood pellet stoves has resulted in the selection of products with the highest possible quality standards, which are in total compliance with the law and 100% made in Italy.

NB & Partners Pellet Stoves



Desert combines a ceramic and innovative design, making the stove suitable to match the ambiance of any room, either classic or modern. The rounded and harmonious lines provide elegance. The Desert has an output of 13kw, and can heat rooms of medium-sized areas up to 280 cubic meters.




An aerodynamic design accompanies Larissa, a stove easily installed in any environment due to its reduced dimensions. 7,5 kw output, no noise running and low consumption are only few among the characteristics that make this pellet stove stand out from the rest.



Patria is a pellet stove, entirely built of steel. A tireless worker that heats continuously and fits in with any environment. Patria has automatic programming and even distributes heat around any room.

Approvals and Certification

The Nb & Partners has dedicated years of research in the field of pellets and pellet stoves. This is to provide our customers with the best products on the market in terms of both safety and quality.
























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