The Story of GroFuel

Peter Turner is the Managing Director at GroFuel. Pete’s sustainability journey began long before the idea of GroFuel was even conceived. Pete has been working in the renewable energy industry since 2005. Pete worked very closely with solar and wind power products and a range of companies across Europe. It was during this time that Pete helped to develop the vertical axis wind turbine which is still in use today.


In 2010, Pete began to become heavily involved in the biomass industry.

“Biomass was the only natural progression after solar and wind power, because it can do everything – electricity and heat” – Peter Turner

Pete spent three years in Spain studying Future Fuels at the University of Orihuela. During his time at the university, Pete also helped to install biomass burners and boilers into Spanish homes.


The uptake of biomass products in Spain was very good, however Pete wanted to re-educate the UK about cheaper forms of heat and energy and eco-friendly alternatives to gas. Pete moved back to the UK with a mission to bring biomass to the masses.

With this mission in mind, GroFuel was born. While Pete was on the hunt for the perfect premises, he was invited to Italy. Pete went to Venice to view the Eva Calòr factory and saw the very sophisticated pellet stove production line with his own two eyes.

“The staff at Eva Calòr were so friendly and knowledgeable. And the burner’s themselves were awesome!” – Peter Turner

Peter witnessed the assembly of a range of Eva Calòr ‘s product line and can confirm that every single part in an Eva Calòr burner, including the screws, are of the highest possible quality.


Once Pete had arrived back in the UK from his Italian tour and finally signed a lease on a wonderful office and warehouse space, Annabelle joined the GroFuel team. Annabelle was still very new to the world of biomass, however after a couple of months, Annabelle was just as hooked on changing the world as Pete is.

“Biomass really is the way forward. Sustainability is key in today’s world and all of GroFuel’s burners and boilers are fuelled with sustainably sourced pellets. It’s all about the trees!” – Annabelle Robertson

Pete and Annabelle spent some time getting their hands dirty, cleaning, dusting, sweeping, painting and improving the offices and warehouse with the help of a very good friend, Clare. A few weeks later, after a team of HETAS registered installers had been formed, the showroom came to life with various pellet stoves from all different suppliers.


Today, GroFuel have planted their roots and our buds are blossoming! GroFuel continues to grow in terms of partnerships, spreading the eco-friendly word and branching out into the local community.

GroFuel are backing Coventry City Council’s Going Green Campaign in an effort to reduce Coventry’s carbon footprint and use of harmful gas.  To help gain support for this campaign, GroFuel was officially opened on the 26th August 2016 by the Lord Mayor of Coventry.



GroFuel would like to say a huge Thank You to Eva Calòr, Windhager UK, NB & Partners and Berton Cello for supplying us with their high quality products and helping us to nourish our small business and for helping to make GroFuel a reality.

All of the stoves we import at GroFuel are made in either Italy or Austria and are made from locally sourced parts. Each stove is made with huge attention to detail with no short cuts taken. GroFuel’s products are of the highest quality from all over the world. Our entire range of heating systems are eco-friendly and the fuels are completely sustainable. The modern design of our pellet stoves ensure that one of GroFuel’s heating systems can be installed into a variety of spaces and match the atmosphere in any environment.

Burner Collage


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